Questionnaire on the employability of GFV alumni

Dear colleagues,

The Geotechnical Faculty of the University of Zagreb wants to strengthen the GFV alumni network (the network of graduates of the Faculty of Geotechnical Engineering) and establish long-term cooperation and the connection of GFV alumni with the faculty.

Through the project Acquiring key practical skills in the field of environmental engineering, we collect feedback from alumni with the aim of improving the quality of study programs and professional practice.

It is very important for us to hear feedback from those who have already completed the educational process and have experience participating in the labor market. The participation of each individual alumni is of great importance to us, as the answers will help us provide better support to GFV students.

That is why we are asking for about 10 minutes of your time, which is the average amount you will need to complete the questionnaire about your experience studying at GFV, your first job and your current job.

All information you share with us will be analyzed and presented only in aggregate form and will be used solely for the purpose of monitoring and improving the educational process at GFV.

The questionnaire is anonymous and does not collect the personal data of the respondents. The questionnaire will be open until August 8, 2022, and can be accessed here.

Thank you in advance for your time and input!