Field practice

In the period from 05.05. – 07.05.2022. 1st year students of the graduate study of Environmental Engineering – Department of Environmental Management, accompanied by Aleksandra Anić Vučinić PhD, Full Professor, participated in field practice within the project: “Acquisition of key practical skills in the field of environmental engineering”, UP.

During the field practice, students visited the Center for Waste Management Kaštijun d.o.o., cement factory Holcim (Croatia) d.o.o. in Koromačno and participated in the Festival of Wild Plants 2022, which was held in Kršan.

During the visit to the Center for Waste Management Kaštijun d.o.o. students are acquainted with wastewater treatment procedures, meteorological station operation, collection and acceptance of collected municipal waste, biological and mechanical waste treatment, fire protection system operation, biological waste treatment on bioreactor surface, laboratory tests of wastewater and fuel quality from waste.

In the cement factory Holcim (Croatia) d.o.o. in Koromačno students are introduced to the production process of obtaining cement, the required quality of fuel from waste used by the cement plant to generate heat, waste gas purification system, measuring exhaust emissions and waste management in their plant. At the end, the students were given a lecture on the goals that the company needs to achieve in order to reduce the impact on the environment, and they showed what measures and future investments they want to achieve.

For the needs of the Festival of Wild Plants 2022, students prepared a document with Guidelines for maintaining an ecologically aware festival in order to reduce the negative impact on the environment, increase environmental awareness, reduce the amount of waste generated. During the Festival, students informed visitors about the topic of the poster: “Waste: from the cradle to the grave”, and in addition to the lecture they set up a showcase that shows which types of waste are generated at different ages. Also, students conducted a field survey entitled Awareness of exhibitors of the Festival of Wild Plants Kršan 2022 about environmentally conscious festivals.