7th joint meeting of the project and 9th meeting of the management board

On November 02, 2022 the 7th joint meeting of the project and the 9th meeting of the project management committee were held at the Geotechnical Faculty. At the 7th joint meeting of the project, the coordinators of the working groups presented the activities they did on the project and the planned activities that are planned to be done by the end of the project. Also, the project manager reported on the changes in the members of the GFV project team. At the 9th meeting of the Project Steering Committee, the Project Manager drew attention to the activities that must be completed by the end of the project and asked the coordinators of the working groups to report on the activities that are planned and to provide rough information on when an activity could be organized.

Project manager Hrvoje Meaški announced the intention to the coordinators and members of the working groups of sending a request for project extension to the Intermediary Body of level 1. The project manager stated how the first two years of project implementation, which consisted mainly of the activities that were carried out in groups (educations and workshops) and professional practice of students in institutions, were marked by the pandemic and significant restrictions that either practically made it impossible or significantly slowed down the implementation of planned activities. The entire first semester of the project’s implementation was marked by a “lock-down” or significant restrictions on gatherings and the availability of various institutions, due to which there was practically no possibility of organizing professional practice. Therefore, it was almost impossible to carry out all the planned activities within the given deadlines. After the Project Manager presented his intention to send a Request for Project Extension, the partners agreed and gave their support for sending the Request.