3rd Day of career in environmental engineering successfully held

The third career day in environmental engineering was held at the Faculty of Geotechnics, University of Zagreb on December 9 and 10, bringing together more than 140 participants through the online platform Zoom. The Faculty Dean, Hrvoje Meaški, Ph.D., who also opened the meeting, addressed the audience with a welcoming speech.
As part of the Career Day on December 9, students were introduced to renowned companies operating in the field of environmental engineering and  were provided with information on opportunities for internships during their studies and later employment. Međimurske vode, Zelena energetska zadruga, Plinacro, Hudec Plan, AP Consulting, Saponia, Tehnix, State Hydrometeorological Institute, Hrvoje Požar Energy Institute, Plitvice Lakes National Park Public Institution, Premifab, Rockwool and Dawwin participated as representatives of employers in this year’s Career Day. Students presented themselves to employers through posters and presentations of graduation and final theses. In this way, employers gained a better insight into the knowledge and competencies acquired by students of the Faculty of Geotechnics by completing undergraduate and graduate studies in Environmental Engineering.
On December 10, students were introduced to the following associations: the Association of Graduates of the Faculty of Geotechnics, the Croatian Society for Environmental Engineering and the Croatian Society of Geotechnical Engineers. Also, at the Career Day, students of Environmental Engineering presented their experiences in finding a job and shared advice on how students should act before employment.
As part of the Career Day activities, a career counseling workshop was held, through which students were introduced to ways to look for a job, create a resume and apply, and how to prepare for an interview with an employer.
Career Day was held as part of the project “Acquisition of key practical skills in the field of environmental engineering”. As part of the same project at the Faculty of Geotechnics in September 2020, the Center for Career Development was established. The co-organizers of this year’s Career Day were the Croatian Society of Geotechnical Engineers, the Croatian Society for Environmental Engineering, the Association of Graduates and the Student Union of the Faculty of Geotechnics.