Second workshop for mentors of professional practice outside the higher education institution

Today, the Center for Career Development organized the first online workshop for mentors of professional practice outside the university. The workshop was led by the Green Energy Cooperative (ZEZ) with the support of other project partners. The workshop was attended by a total of 16 people: five people from outside the university, two people from the university, and project partners, of which five people from GFV, two people from ZEZ and two lecturers on examples of good practice conducted at GFV.

The aim of the workshop was to acquaint mentors outside the university with the system of professional practice at the Faculty of Geotechnics, University of Zagreb and train them to monitor, evaluate and evaluate students who will mentor. Also, the workshop was aimed at introducing mentors to the application of experiential techniques and methods of work and the development of their communication skills and techniques to make future cooperation between them and interns as successful as possible.