1st workshop of the Small School of Learning – 29.11.2021.

You delay learning? Learning makes you bored and often gets you distracted, so you spend more time on Instangram, Facebook or TikTok then with a book? Want to learn how to better organize your time and space for learning?

We will discuss all of this at the 1st online workshop of the Small School of Learning, November 29, 2021. from 2am-3:30am

The workshop will be leaded by the Polytechnic Velika Gorica as a project partner. In this workshop we want to give you ideas and encourage you to find your own way to increase motivation to learn.

Registration is required to know the number of interested students and that we can adjust the workshop activities. You can apply on the link: Application form

You can acces the workshop on the link: https://zoom.us/j/91486794644

We are looking forward to your arrival!